Cypher – Child (Prod. by Golden Vessel)



Golden Vessel is a familiar name on here after his remix of Japanese Wallpaper‘s Waves; it now seems that the young producer has been working with fellow Brisbanite, Cypher. The 16 year singer/songwriter floats gently across brightly crafted beats, with a voice that sounds refined and matured beyond her years. Cypher is going places. Enjoy.

Party Supplies – The Light in the Addict (feat. Action Bronson & Black Atlass)


Party Supplies – The Light in the Addict (feat. Action Bronson & Black Atlass)

With production duo, Party Supplies, set to re-release their debut album on vinyl and CD next month (will be available here, and original release can be streamed/bought here), we get a brand new track featuring Black Atlass and long time collaborator Action Bronson. These guys have really figured out what they’re doing, because Bronson and Party Supplies sound amazing together. Grab a physical copy of Tough Love from November 25. Enjoy.

QuEST – Back & More


QuEST - Back & More

Visionary Music Group is the home of Logic, Jon Bellion, and QuESt, who  has just dropped a new track. Coming off the release of Searching Sylvan, almost a month ago, QuEST grabs Jansport J to give him a smooth backdrop for Back & More. This, as well as the album, are seriously dope, so I recommend having a stream and download of Searching Sylvan if you enjoy this. Enjoy.

Mount Dreams – Night Dive


Mount Dreams - Night Dive

LUUUL and Petit Biscuit are back at it, releasing the second track off their upcoming collaborative album as Mount Dreams. Following a similar train of thought from their debut release, Wolfs, you can really hear the influence of both artists in Night Dive. I’m sure the album will be one to look out for. Enjoy.

Weekly Match #64: Sleepy Dreamers – Creatures


Sleepy Dreamers

Weekly Match is a weekly series highlighting a song, album, artist etc that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the usual posting on the MatchMusik. This lets me sift through my music collection each week and pull something out that may be a little older, or that slipped through the cracks, and bring it back for all of you to enjoy.

Indie-folk group Sleepy Dreamers is the subject of this week’s Weekly Match; specifically their debut EP, Creatures. Everything from the Melbourne based band’s name (which is actually pretty representative of their musical sound) is perfect; gentle, folk instrumentation and vocals provided by all four band members, that occasionally lapses into more of an indie-rock feel. If you need more from them then check out their recently launched single Hunk, from their soon to be released sophomore EP, Local Football.

K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – The Kinesis Thesis (Gun In The Mouth Remix) // Flying High (Don’t Look Down Remix)



Props to Slap Up Mill and FLAMESYALL giving us an excuse to listen to some older K.I.N.E.T.I.K. (not that you’d actually need one). On The Gun In The Mouth remix of the title track to The Kenesis Thesis, Slap Up Mill takes J.J. Malone‘s layered, soulful boom bap and turns it onto something that just goes hard, while FLAMESYALL goes the other way, adding more layers of soul to the originally Sol Brova produced Flying High. Both of these remixes were rediscovered by K.I.N.E.T.I.K. yesterday after they sat on his computer for two years. Enjoy.