J Dilla – Give ‘Em What They Want


J Dilla - Give 'Em What They Want

What better reason to get back to MatchMusik than a new J Dilla joint. Give ‘Em What They Want is the latest in a series of releases (including Anthem and Diamonds & Ice) from an upcoming Dilla album. The Diary, to be released this year through Pay Jay Productions, is a collection of vocal tracks from the late J Dilla himself. For now you can grab a copy of the single as a 12″ vinyl with The Doe, a re-recording of the same song with production from Supa Dave West. The Diary. May 6. Enjoy.

Lowercase Noises – Famine and the Death of a Mother


Lowercase Noises

At the end of the month we will have ourselves a new full length album from Andy Othling. Working under the moniker of Lowercase Noises, Andy is capable of making some intensely emotive music, as made evident by his newest single, and first ever video, Famine and the Death of a Mother. This Is For Our Sins is the final project that the single will live on, and given the story that Andy has set out to tell I imagine it will be quite the journey. Pre-order your copy of the album. to get an instant download of the single. Enjoy.

This album follows the story of the Lykov family, who lived isolated in the Russian wilderness for over 40 years before their discovery by geologists in 1978.

Agafia, born in the wilderness in 1943, is the last remaining member of the family. She continues to live in the harsh Siberian landscape to this day.

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Yasiin Gaye – B Stands For Beef


Yasiin Gaye - B Stands For Beef

After causing quite a stir, and being taken down almost immediately, Yasiin Gaye is making a return. The Amerigo Gazaway constructed collaboration between Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and the late great Marvin Gaye will soon see the release of the second instalment of the dream project. The first release from The Return is B Stands For Beef, with the vocals from Yasiin‘s What’s Beef? and Marvin‘s soul filled T Stands For Trouble. Enjoy.

This track has a completely different vibe from “Side One”, but that was intended. “Side Two” explores more of the darker and serious themes/aspects of Marvin’s life, and this one in particular addresses his early death. The original sample came from Marvin’s “T Stands For Trouble”. I knew I wanted something more ominous and suspenseful when I started working on the track and the Trouble Man soundtrack has plenty of that. I always dug the way that Marvin sample was flipped on Brand Nubian’s “Meaning of the 5%”as well (watch here). I then added sound-bites from news-clips at the beginning and end to help build the narrative surrounding Marvin’s death. There are some clips from Mr. T (from the Trouble Man movie) in there as well. I feel like a there are lot of people out there, particularly in the younger generation, who still don’t know how Marvin died. I see this as a way to not only pay tribute but to educate people through the music as well. – Amerigo Gazaway

EP: Goldbloc – Black Gold



This is an amazing find right here. Goldbloc is where you’ll find yourself soaked in the bouncy downtempo production of Goldenhaus and the wonderfully soulful vocal stylings of Solei (who is also responsible for the picture above). This makes for a remarkably delectable combination that I can’t stop listening to. This has a strong stamp of MatchMusik approval, just go listen to it. Enjoy.

Mixtape: De La Soul – Smell The DA.I.S.Y. (Prod. J Dilla)


De La Soul

Last week De La Soul released their new mixtape, Smell The DA.I.S.Y. (Da Inner Soul of Yancey), 11 new songs over unheard J Dilla production. I don’t think I have to tell you that hearing De La and Dilla is something special, so just go download it. If you feel like donating to the J Dilla Foundation you can do that from the De La website. Look out for Premiem Soul On The Rocks, with Pete Rock, and the first De La Soul album in 10 year, You’re Welcome. Enjoy.

Download: Smell The DA.I.S.Y.

Casper Cult – Industrial Love // Endless Nightmare


Casper Cult

Melbourne’s Dylan Hill has started off a new project with “a “really” good friend” and damn do I love it. Dylan and the mystery (I’m just going to assume) woman have two songs by the names of Industrial Love and Endless Nightmare and together they make up 6 minutes of downtempo electronic music with a healthy dosing of organic sounds spread through. This is a duo to look out for. Enjoy.

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